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Tenfold Rabbit (EE) recently released their debut album and kindly invites the listener to join the band on their journey of “Travel the World”.
Tenfold Rabbit is an Estonian folkrock collective introduced to the audiences in September 2011 and enjoying the status of one the most followed acts just one year later.
When they entered the local musicfield they were labelled as (another) indie or folkpop band and therefor it feels pleasant to be able to state that the overall sound of the album proves that the Rabbits have hopped another step further on their way and found a more suitable rough and raw sound which has turned them into the rock band they are now. 
“Travel the World” holds all the important factors an enjoyable travel should – is pleasurable, keeps one interested, and what´s perhaps the most essential – hides several positive surprises. 
First guitar riffs of “Yellow Wheels” are smoky and bluesy, followed by deep and throaty vocals making it clear already in the very beginning of the album who is holding the wheel on this ride. 
There are some delicate and more gentle ballads like the latest single “Before the eyes are opened” , “Sweet Morning” and one of the highlights - “Thousands lights”, but also songs which are describable with guttural vocals accompanied by loud and strong guitar sounds like “Innocent Mind” and “Lines in My Face”
Another characteristic is the sound similar to live concert experience – especially in “If there was no sex there would be no relationships” and “Righteous Lies of an Honest Man”.
The band is known by the untraditional choice of having accordion as one the main instruments , they have not limited themselves with this  on the album and welcome also horns and strings. 
The sound of the album is mature and big and combines nice and flattering with suggestive and emphatic. 
What a Day to send Tenfold Rabbit to travel the world and spread  their sound!


Life proves now and again that things happen when the time is right for them and therefor it seems that Tenfold Rabbit has reached a certain maturity point in their creative lifeline and is ready to welcome and carry the great attention they have met recently in their domestic region.
Big amount of just starting performing artists go on stage while still being in the point of confusion and self-search and risk with losing the interest of a large number of potential fans. This in mind only increases the experience of realizing Tenfold Rabbit, still a relatively young band, as an united organism whose heart beats in stable rhythm pumping exactly enough blood to the blood vessels. The band didn´t set themselves an easy aim by choosing to compose and perform melodic folkrock produced by numerous other acts, though it looks like Tenfold Rabbit is rather on its way becoming  that band who to follow not the one who follows others.
Already the fact that a rock band considers playing an accordion a thing worth sharing proves their authenticity, sincerity and will to make music more for its aesthetic reasons than for the magic which accompanies rock´n´roll lifestyle.

The debutvideo for their song “Oblivion” proves once more their peculiarity, self-awareness and nature to keep all their activities on the best possible quality.
The video is a piece of art, more a short animation-movie fitting perfectly to this tuneful, dramatical,  multi-faceted, hearty and dynamic