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Posts tagged "electro neo soul"

Lithuanian scene has a lot bright producer-brains to offer when it comes to electronic music. The styles from creators differ, letting diversity be one of the leading tags while characterising the field.

Not only are there many representatives in different sub-genres from dance till chillwave but quite a number of artists produce remarkable pieces in more than one of those. 

One of those fruitful authors is Fingalick having his roots strongly in instrumental easy-listening electronic ground but offering his listeners juicy crops flavoured with beats, soul, hip-hop, ambient and more, that both instrumental and with vocals.

Right now the spotlight is shown on his tune called “Tap Music” a very pure sounding synth-ambient, bassy in spots but yet melodic and romantic song with unusual polysemantic lyrics -  ballad from a water-drop to a human body.
In order to get a full impression of his potential I encourage you to get familiar with his other work as well.