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Listening to Audience Killers (LV) while knowing that they are based in Baltics is similar to seeing Ben&Jerry´s ice cream for the first time on the shelves of local supermarkets – you´ve always known that it´s somewhere out there,  it ought to be delicious and outstanding, but you´ve never had a truly personal contact . 
During times when creating synth-pop is the hippest thing,  Audience Killers represents pure indiepop like it started in the UK in the mid-1980s, their creation roots from alternative rock featuring simple computergame-sounding  chiptunes on synths and hands on romantic, careless feelings through happy melodies.  Another reason why their music stands out is the timbre of the vocalist – sounding something similar to Jonas Bjerre from Mew it increases the warmness and joy racing to ones body.  This is band who we plan to see on bigger stages!