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Ewert and the Two Dragons (EE) is a band known and singed along from at least every third person in the Baltics – and not only. The last two years have been unimaginably fortunate for the bands career and brought them together with audiences all over Europe and The United States.

Ewert  and the Two Dragons have become the symbol of breakthrough and now stand as a role model for several young colleagues of theirs.
On October 26th they performed the last concert of their first USA tour and also created connections which guarantee them a return ticket.

As a gesture of congratulation we decided to gather their last few years into few hundred words to praise the hard work that literally brought them from a small basement to the last floor of a skyscraper.

In 2010 Erki Pärnoja – the guitarist and composer of Ewert and the Two Dragons, shares with excitement  in his interview for Klassikaraadio that the band is preparing for their first mini-tour in Latvia and Lithuania. The performance at I Love You Bar in Riga can be seen fatal - those successful concerts were soon followed by even more successful performance on I Love You Stage at beloved Latvian Positivus festival and got finalized with a record deal with  I Love You Records.

indisputably great album “Good Man Down” came out in Estonia and Latvia on April 5th in 2011 and got the band 5 Estonian Music Awards and the hit of the year award from legendary Raadio2. The album stays in the top of album sells even one and a half years later.
In 2011 dragons also won Skype´s “Go Change the World” prize at Tallinn Music Week – honest and responsible boys like they are – they took that award seriously and went to change the world.

In 2011 the band performed at almost all the most important showcase festivals in Europe – including Popkomm (Germany), Waves Vienna (Austria) and Lost In Music (Finland). One year after getting signed from I Love You Records three other deals followed by Fullsteam in Finland, Adore Music in Sweden and Talitres Records in France.

Even the Chinese Animal Year Calendar supports this band as 2012 is the Year of Dragon – another year filled with festival concerts around Europe the band nailed it at Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Holland – a showcase event considered to be in the top important music industry events - after two sold out gigs in Groningen the name Ewert and the Two Dragons had reached another big punch of important ears.

In 2012 for the first time the dragons took the plain which brought them outside of Europe, namely to Canada and The United States of America. Like mentioned earlier they played their last concert in the States on October 26th in NY and when visiting their Wikipedia page one sees that there has been a slight change in the list of labels and Sire Records has been added, Sire Records – ladies and gentlemen is owned by Warner Bros Music and distributed by Warner Bros Records.

It feels almost self-evident that Ewert and The Two Dragons are also one of the winners of European Border Breakers award for 2013 – an award given out to 10 most successful debuting European acts every year.

Thank you for inspiration and I guess “to be continued…” is appropriate here


It´s overall known that adaptability is what shows the level of one’s intelligence. Zebra Island, an appealing melancholic disco foursome, passes the test with high results accepting the challenge from Vilnius Temperature and performing there song  “Glow” as a lovable acoustic piece instead of their regular catchy electornics-based sets.

This surprisingly young band gives more content to write about soon as the very same song brought them a record deal with I Love You Records – a company famous for good sense of taste.


Time for endless white nights, walking barefoot and hand-in-hand along the seaside surrounded by pine trees while gently touched by summer breeze has arrived. The perfect summer romance experience is wholly completed only with a perfect song which you can listen now and again in autumn while looking back to those careless happy three months and getting a tear into your eye. 

The first single called “The rust on my golden teeth” from  Momend´s (LV) album “Episodes of Trust” released on June 11th under ILY records is a perfect match to this description - soulful, touching, slightly melancholy indie tune completed with snug country guitar riffs.