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I thinks its time to write about yet another young wonderboy from Estonia - his name is Andreas Kask or simply Kask and for few years now he has been producing awesome sounding house tracks. About a year ago he was named as one of the “future stars” in Estonia to keep your eye on and in spring 2012 he was one of the headliners at Tallinn Music Week. He is also one of the guys behind popular JÄCK parties in Estonia, but my personal favourites have been seeing/hearing him doing live performances at a local record store BiiT. I hope his tracks get released on vinyl soon as well, until then you can check out his beats on his Soundcloud page.

- Hanna-Stella

Galvanic Elephants (EE) is another representative of electronic-poprock in the Estonian music zoo. The group mixes smart melodies and  poptunes with mature guitar sounds. They recently released a live video of their multicolored ”A night out” - a dancable poprock piece.


Ruutu Poiss (EE) is one of the members in Estonian skaters crew Haigla. Presumably influenced by the continuesly changing sights while cruising the city on his skateboard, Ruutu Poiss produces airy, light, rhythmical originalmusic with synths and drum machines.   
As a special guest he performs at the next Haigla Pidu (review about the last one with Inga Copeland) tonight in Tallinn at F-Hoone.  


You might have pumped into the seductive music of Several Symptoms (originally from EE) before, maybe even saw them on stage somewhere in the UK or Tallinn… After almost a year of silence they are back with this hauntingly enchanting Resurrection. But next to that I strongly recommend you to keep your ears and eyes on the vocalist Mari-Liis Rebane who has under the name of Vul Vulpes recently released some really really good stuff!


Labvakar, we have just arrived in Helsinki and haven't seen much of
it. But, we have really cosy hostel all 4 in one bed and also
everything is automatic. Haven't seen anything like that before. Last
night's show was loud, but nice and we want to say big thanks to Id
Rev and also the museum of contemporary art of Estonia. The public was
great as well, especially the guy in front of the audience. After that
the ferry "Baltic Princess" entertained us until the next tour place -
Helsinki. The sunset was very nice. Especially in the combination with
vine named "Heartbeats". That's it for now. We are waiting for
tomorrow's concert and enjoying our evening off here.

From Latvians with love. St.Z
Greetings form hostel Flying Kiwi in the heart of old Tallin. There
was very nice concert yesterday in Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs and finally
we heard our Estonian and Swedish collegues. They really sound great.
Then we packed all our staff and realised that there are lot more gear
than we expected but in the end we fixed all the small problems and we
are here safe and sound. The concert place in Tallin looks pretty
awesome and we are quite sure that tonight there will be some nice
gigs including ours. That's it for now. We'll keep you updated.
From Latvians with love. St.z.

p.s. here are some photos from last night

Greetings from Tallinn. So we´re just about to start the tour. Waiting for the van to arrive to start packing these precious little gadgets that make us all so much pleasure. And by that I mean our gear - amps and synthesizers, all of them. Unfortunately one of our main synths went broke couple of days ago so we had to re-arrange a bit. Well let´s hope for the best and see you on tour (sorry for the shortpost, the van just arrived, time for action). Cheers.


Neeme, Id Rev

Starting from this Thursday(Nov 1st) from Riga until next Saturday (Nov 10th) five bands from five different countries will be on a joint Baltic-Nordic concert tour. This sonic action happens under the aegis of Baltic Waves which is a Finnish initiative aiming to bring Nordic and Baltic acts closer to each other.

It promises to become a romantic and nostalgic live experience as the bands performing are mostly melancholic and sweet, each of them true heroes on their local underground indie-music scene.

The representatives of Baltic music are Sturi Zevele (LV) and Id_Rev (EE).

Sturi Zevele is a atmospheric acoustic folkband, switching between male and female vocals and creating somewhat of a similar feeling with the Glasgow dream-pop band Belle and Sebastian. 

Id_Rev is a real treat for local music lovers. Their naive-punk, indie and post-rock tunes associate with meaningful memories from the late teenage years. 

As The Baltic Scene shares common values with this project and approves the action we came up with a collaboration idea and so we created a new page on our site titled “Baltic Waves tour blog” where the members of Sturi Zevele will daily write a tour-blog!



Ewert and the Two Dragons (EE) is a band known and singed along from at least every third person in the Baltics – and not only. The last two years have been unimaginably fortunate for the bands career and brought them together with audiences all over Europe and The United States.

Ewert  and the Two Dragons have become the symbol of breakthrough and now stand as a role model for several young colleagues of theirs.
On October 26th they performed the last concert of their first USA tour and also created connections which guarantee them a return ticket.

As a gesture of congratulation we decided to gather their last few years into few hundred words to praise the hard work that literally brought them from a small basement to the last floor of a skyscraper.

In 2010 Erki Pärnoja – the guitarist and composer of Ewert and the Two Dragons, shares with excitement  in his interview for Klassikaraadio that the band is preparing for their first mini-tour in Latvia and Lithuania. The performance at I Love You Bar in Riga can be seen fatal - those successful concerts were soon followed by even more successful performance on I Love You Stage at beloved Latvian Positivus festival and got finalized with a record deal with  I Love You Records.

indisputably great album “Good Man Down” came out in Estonia and Latvia on April 5th in 2011 and got the band 5 Estonian Music Awards and the hit of the year award from legendary Raadio2. The album stays in the top of album sells even one and a half years later.
In 2011 dragons also won Skype´s “Go Change the World” prize at Tallinn Music Week – honest and responsible boys like they are – they took that award seriously and went to change the world.

In 2011 the band performed at almost all the most important showcase festivals in Europe – including Popkomm (Germany), Waves Vienna (Austria) and Lost In Music (Finland). One year after getting signed from I Love You Records three other deals followed by Fullsteam in Finland, Adore Music in Sweden and Talitres Records in France.

Even the Chinese Animal Year Calendar supports this band as 2012 is the Year of Dragon – another year filled with festival concerts around Europe the band nailed it at Eurosonic festival in Groningen, Holland – a showcase event considered to be in the top important music industry events - after two sold out gigs in Groningen the name Ewert and the Two Dragons had reached another big punch of important ears.

In 2012 for the first time the dragons took the plain which brought them outside of Europe, namely to Canada and The United States of America. Like mentioned earlier they played their last concert in the States on October 26th in NY and when visiting their Wikipedia page one sees that there has been a slight change in the list of labels and Sire Records has been added, Sire Records – ladies and gentlemen is owned by Warner Bros Music and distributed by Warner Bros Records.

It feels almost self-evident that Ewert and The Two Dragons are also one of the winners of European Border Breakers award for 2013 – an award given out to 10 most successful debuting European acts every year.

Thank you for inspiration and I guess “to be continued…” is appropriate here


Maria Minerva(EE) is releasing a collaborative album with her label-mate LA Vampires from Not Not Fun. Seasons Change is the first fully published track. The song can be characterized as ambient disco - dreamy and foggy as expected swallowing and wrapping the listeners into its hypnotizing melodies. 


Tenfold Rabbit (EE) recently released their debut album and kindly invites the listener to join the band on their journey of “Travel the World”.
Tenfold Rabbit is an Estonian folkrock collective introduced to the audiences in September 2011 and enjoying the status of one the most followed acts just one year later.
When they entered the local musicfield they were labelled as (another) indie or folkpop band and therefor it feels pleasant to be able to state that the overall sound of the album proves that the Rabbits have hopped another step further on their way and found a more suitable rough and raw sound which has turned them into the rock band they are now. 
“Travel the World” holds all the important factors an enjoyable travel should – is pleasurable, keeps one interested, and what´s perhaps the most essential – hides several positive surprises. 
First guitar riffs of “Yellow Wheels” are smoky and bluesy, followed by deep and throaty vocals making it clear already in the very beginning of the album who is holding the wheel on this ride. 
There are some delicate and more gentle ballads like the latest single “Before the eyes are opened” , “Sweet Morning” and one of the highlights - “Thousands lights”, but also songs which are describable with guttural vocals accompanied by loud and strong guitar sounds like “Innocent Mind” and “Lines in My Face”
Another characteristic is the sound similar to live concert experience – especially in “If there was no sex there would be no relationships” and “Righteous Lies of an Honest Man”.
The band is known by the untraditional choice of having accordion as one the main instruments , they have not limited themselves with this  on the album and welcome also horns and strings. 
The sound of the album is mature and big and combines nice and flattering with suggestive and emphatic. 
What a Day to send Tenfold Rabbit to travel the world and spread  their sound!


Usually when I go to the gym I know I can expect terrible music there (you know, some hardcore pop trance, I don’t know how they call it, anyway, I don’t like it). Few days ago when I went to the gym again I was shocked - I heard the new album of Kali Briis playing there! It turned out that my new trainer (a guy in his 40s) actually has great taste in music and I just felt really glad, that Kali’s beats and sounds might actually take over the gym and abolish this stupid ruling of awful music in the gyms.

If you are now wondering who is this Kali Briis I am talking about and you haven’t already read about him in The Baltic Scene before, let me explain a bit. I have followed his music for some years now, although he started already about 8 years ago. 2009 was his big break-through in my ears, when Estonian record label Onesense Music digitally released "Breakfast EP" (together with Hommik) with his unique vocals. He became really active releasing many singles and EPs and 2011 brought to us his genius work on vinyl as well - amazing "Headshot EP" together with Ki En Ra (with previously mentioned Breakfast EP on the B-side). Same year another Estonian record label Umblu released his CD-album "Homewrecker"… Too much info? Well it is valuable info, if you haven’t already listened to his music, because it is all worth of mentioning and checking out, I believe.

So what was playing in the gym a few days ago? It was his fresh new album "The Moon Ghost" released digitally by another Estonian label Eesti Pops for free download. I know Kali was actually wishing to release it on a 12” vinyl, but unfortunately this dream is not that easy to accomplish, even if vinyls are doing a big comeback these days. So his new album is digital, but it still doesn’t make it less good. Having followed his work through the past years I can say this new album really shows the evolution of Kali Briis: his sounds are fuller and deeper, maybe a bit more serious at times, but still this energetic and positive electronic synth-pop dance music as his previous last stuff (no more hip-hop beats though). A lot of influence from the 80s, which I just love! Kali Briis is a one-man-show and this makes it even more cool: you can just imagine him in his little hometown at the heart of Estonia, sitting behind his synthesizer, fooling around with it and singing along. One of my biggest favourites from the album is still I Love Your Face, but I really enjoy his instrumental bits as well, especially this 7 minute Future Electric (The evolution of Alan). But you can choose your own favourites!

- Hanna-Stella

Last weekend hundreds of people in Tallinn, Estonia set their course towards an old mystical power plant named Kultuurikatel between the Old Town and the Port of the city to become a part of Stalker Festival – „a unique environment focusing on music, architecture and a strange world of its own where the everyday rules are void“, as the organizers promised beforehand. And thinking back now I feel that they actually managed to deliver that too.

First, it is amazing what they had managed to do with the power plant itself - I have been there before for several times, but somehow it felt completely different building this time. Just imagine a huge cold dark stonewalled surrounding with 3 different levels for musical artists, at least 5-6 different levels for visitors to walk around and endless walls and levels and spaces for visual artists to play around with lasers and lights and stairs and things hanging down from the ceiling. In random corners you could notice people dressed in white costumes, faces painted white just staring at you, when I looked up some metal stairs I saw a purple-glowing dancer going crazy and when I finally managed to reach the basement area downstairs, it looked like teenage mutant ninja turtles were having a rave there, honestly.

And then there was the music. The artist catalogue listed up 20 different names, mostly from Estonia, but also some foreign ones. Frankly I couldn’t manage to see and hear all of them because first I had chosen some highlights for myself that I really wanted to see and secondly it got quite cold and too loud for my ears as the night progressed (although the organizers had advised people to dress warm and wear earplugs!).

My evening started magically with Rasmus Lill (above), who has been a favourite of mine for some time now. You might know his genius work already from the bands Kosmofon or Zebra Island, this time he presented his “intimate electronic soloproject" as he calls it and I have to agree - it is intimate! It even felt intimate in the huge cold space of the power plant that had just started to fill up with wondering visitors. Although a bit dark and mechanical at times, his music somehow has this warm hopeful feel to it, that really gets me. I guess I have to write a longer review about the music of Rasmus Lill soon.

The second highlight for me was the performance of Talis Paide and Andres Lõo - two great artists known already years for their several musical projects (for example Talis with Kosmosepealinn and State of Zoe, Andres with Luarvik Luarvik and Opium Flirt). But it was the first time I have heard or seen these two doing something together on the stage and I really liked it. As both of them can be considered masters of synthesizers (alongside with Rasmus Lill mentioned above), their performance had ofcourse strong influence from the beats and sounds of the 80s disco (my favourite!), but at the same time they also intrigued listeners with more heavier and modern basslines and some broken beats. Andres Lõo is probably one of the most charismatic vocalist with oh-so-sexy powerful bariton voice and body moves to make your knees weak instantly. Hopefully their first performance together was not the last one and I really wouldn’t mind listening to their music in a recorded version as well.

I won’t try to describe here what happened at the festival next, when King Midas Sound from the UK got on the stage - things got slightly crazy at least for a moment and this all truly fitted into the Stalker atmosphere, but I guess you had to be there to understand. In short and in general - Stalker Festival really wasn’t a mere music festival, it actually turned into a strange world of its own where the everyday rules were void.

- Hanna-Stella

Dreamy and melancholic vibes from The Sinclair Sinclair´s (EE) “Feel” hypnotize and wrap you in  to carry you together with them through their journey of fragile mixture of personal memories. Thereby making their song “Feel” something really easy to identify with.