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Posts tagged "Darius Gerilus"

The Picturesque Episodes is a Lithuanian mystical yogi offering his followers to go with him through an enlightening spiral encouraging them to depart to a self-discovery journey. In the starting point he pushes you on the road with suggestive, powerful, brightening and melodical post-rock, thundering and crackling in points, tunes which slowly begin to work as a key unlocking ones inner secret-locker and showing corners and slots one wasn´t consciously aware about before.
After going through an enlightening resonating experience, The Picturesque Episode gently lets you collect the scrambled pieces of your soul, mind and body and combine them together to a more holistic and mature whole while he stretches out the intense dynamic to a flowing ambience letting one feel like being on a walk from a dark-green spruce- forest to a sea with unknown depth and threatening waves.
Being on the way with his music is a life-like undergo – exactly at the moment when you feel safe and surrounded by harmony he brings in some scratching electronical cacophonies reminding you the importance of remember to watch your back.