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I thinks its time to write about yet another young wonderboy from Estonia - his name is Andreas Kask or simply Kask and for few years now he has been producing awesome sounding house tracks. About a year ago he was named as one of the “future stars” in Estonia to keep your eye on and in spring 2012 he was one of the headliners at Tallinn Music Week. He is also one of the guys behind popular JÄCK parties in Estonia, but my personal favourites have been seeing/hearing him doing live performances at a local record store BiiT. I hope his tracks get released on vinyl soon as well, until then you can check out his beats on his Soundcloud page.

- Hanna-Stella

Berlin-based cool record label Project Mooncircle has recently signed Darius Vaikas, a Lithuanian producer, and released his “You’ll Never Be Alone” on a limited 7” celebrating the 10 years anniversary of Congratulations to Darius from The Baltic Scene for this as well!

- Hanna-Stella

Colours of Bubbles (LT) combine optimistic indie melodies with maturer country sounds . Their clear vision and sense about the music they want to produce brought them the honor to get the desired price of best Lithuanian rock band earlier in 2012. Now The Colours of Bubbles are enjoying an consistent increase of followers - a good example for this is the annual party for their closest fans which already for years has been held in their rehearsal space,but no longer! The local rockheros are moving the party to a real rock venue this year - POGO, in Siauliai - the small town the grew up!
"Cut it out" is their single telling the story of daring young love, built up on sharp guitar riffs and being personalized with accordion tunes. 
This crispy and cool video balances perfectly the hotblooded nature of the band and fiery message of the song!


Galvanic Elephants (EE) is another representative of electronic-poprock in the Estonian music zoo. The group mixes smart melodies and  poptunes with mature guitar sounds. They recently released a live video of their multicolored ”A night out” - a dancable poprock piece.


Napo is a young and talented producer from Lithuania (according to his FB page only 16 years old?!). We have been following his tunes for some time now as he has published loads of originals and remixes on his SC page over the past few years. This morning I was happy to find a new track from Napo called Save the Dreams. Loving it!

P.S. You must also check out Together and A Tale of Two, great stuff!

- Hanna-Stella

You might have pumped into the seductive music of Several Symptoms (originally from EE) before, maybe even saw them on stage somewhere in the UK or Tallinn… After almost a year of silence they are back with this hauntingly enchanting Resurrection. But next to that I strongly recommend you to keep your ears and eyes on the vocalist Mari-Liis Rebane who has under the name of Vul Vulpes recently released some really really good stuff!


Hey there,
Our first visit to Helsinki is almost over. We spent four hours on
sightseeing and after that had "great" fast food dinner. Our
conclusion - if you want to feel this city, you have to spend here
more time, because we are pretty sure that there is much more to see
and to discover than shops and some biggest central streets. However
in the evening we visited place called "Siltanen" and had nice and
peaceful performance there. For the first time we heard Ö and
Snöleoparden and enjoyed their extraordinary style of music.
Now we are having some rest and getting prepared to continue the tour
in a nice, automatically administrated hotel.
See you.
From Latvians with love. St.Z.

Usually when I go to the gym I know I can expect terrible music there (you know, some hardcore pop trance, I don’t know how they call it, anyway, I don’t like it). Few days ago when I went to the gym again I was shocked - I heard the new album of Kali Briis playing there! It turned out that my new trainer (a guy in his 40s) actually has great taste in music and I just felt really glad, that Kali’s beats and sounds might actually take over the gym and abolish this stupid ruling of awful music in the gyms.

If you are now wondering who is this Kali Briis I am talking about and you haven’t already read about him in The Baltic Scene before, let me explain a bit. I have followed his music for some years now, although he started already about 8 years ago. 2009 was his big break-through in my ears, when Estonian record label Onesense Music digitally released "Breakfast EP" (together with Hommik) with his unique vocals. He became really active releasing many singles and EPs and 2011 brought to us his genius work on vinyl as well - amazing "Headshot EP" together with Ki En Ra (with previously mentioned Breakfast EP on the B-side). Same year another Estonian record label Umblu released his CD-album "Homewrecker"… Too much info? Well it is valuable info, if you haven’t already listened to his music, because it is all worth of mentioning and checking out, I believe.

So what was playing in the gym a few days ago? It was his fresh new album "The Moon Ghost" released digitally by another Estonian label Eesti Pops for free download. I know Kali was actually wishing to release it on a 12” vinyl, but unfortunately this dream is not that easy to accomplish, even if vinyls are doing a big comeback these days. So his new album is digital, but it still doesn’t make it less good. Having followed his work through the past years I can say this new album really shows the evolution of Kali Briis: his sounds are fuller and deeper, maybe a bit more serious at times, but still this energetic and positive electronic synth-pop dance music as his previous last stuff (no more hip-hop beats though). A lot of influence from the 80s, which I just love! Kali Briis is a one-man-show and this makes it even more cool: you can just imagine him in his little hometown at the heart of Estonia, sitting behind his synthesizer, fooling around with it and singing along. One of my biggest favourites from the album is still I Love Your Face, but I really enjoy his instrumental bits as well, especially this 7 minute Future Electric (The evolution of Alan). But you can choose your own favourites!

- Hanna-Stella

According to Kashuks’ twitter bio, at the time of writing this article he is a “producer, remixer, designer” and “just a good person”.  His music, nonetheless, speaks for itself — his self-released LP “Piece of a Chance” is a spectacular foray in the hard-to-define electronic music scene of the Baltics. Dedicated to his close ones and those no longer among him, “Piece of a Chance” — despite the usual suspects — is said to be neither a dubstep nor a hip-hop record, but “music without limitations”. Topology aside, it is a melancholic piece of reverberating crackles,  forlorn melodies and most of all — heavy encores. For the attentive listener buried amidst all of it are a few vocal gems, such as “you are so beautiful” that kicks in at 2:09 of track “Beautiful”.

“Hi”, the LP’s  opening track and one of its mellow ones,  introduces the mood for the rest of the album — later to be drowned in nostalgic beats and bass-lines. Further in the album the collision of often separate domains — that of beat-driven music and contemporary dubstep — is most eminent:  it is a battle of two worlds. At times they morph into one, at others — one emerges from the other. Between all of it, as if to signify an end of a journey, is the almost romantic and definitely stylistically most distinctive track “evoL”. The record ends on the same note where it started, yet leaves the listener with a feeling of having gone places.

Some listeners might read into the story “Piece of a Chance” has to tell — that of “emotions, memories and everything else (..)” — for others it might be lost. Be that as it may, it is a skilfully crafted record with a lot more to offer than if just taken at face value. For what it’s worth, “Piece of a Chance” is a testament to the notion that such music is much more than the sum of its parts.


Like pointed out already several times in posts in the past then the brightest crown jewels of Lithuanian music are the representatives of electronical music.
A local veteran, mastermind and hero of house music himself Vidis realized the greatness of Lithuanian talent and created a brand called Silence Family which manages and releases the most noticeable talent of Lithuanian variable electronical music.
The first seed of Silence Music was planted in 2007 when another house music and nu-disco producer Mario Basanov joined Vidis for a one-time collaboration. The tandem created a piece called Test which got recognized and played by Gilles Peterson and other big fishes. This success guided the duo to  next joint-songs and three years later a double-album called “Changed” filled with house music and nu-disco was released.
When the sound of Vidis and Mario is mostly smooth and melodical then Leon Somov – the third producer in Silence Family’s´ roster puts his feelings and thoughts into minimal rhythmical dance beats.  Though a productive producer on his own, the most known works from Leon Somov are  the results of collaboration with Jazzu – one of the two female representatives and vocalists of Silence Family. Her powerful sensual and smoky timber attracted Leon Somov and not long from that Mario and Vidis as well with whom she got together for two songs “I´ll be Gone” and “Who shot the Silence?” which both are present on “Changed”.
Alike Jazzu the second female member of Silence Family Monika Liu has a background in jazz music.  The characteristics of Monika Lius voice make it possible to compare her with Yukimi Nagano and parallel her teamwork with electronic music producers with Swedish Little Dragon.
When Vidis, Mario and Leon carry the mature and masculine side of this family and Jazzu together with Monika the seductive tricky and foxy female power then Adomas and Few Nolder balance this harmony with raw energetic lustiness. Few Nolder pleases his listenres with airy diverse limitless techno.
Adomas with his band The Mittens finishes this enviably talented household with extrovert mixture of electronica and popmusic offering the enjoyers conceptual electronic cabaret.
We highly recommend to get familier with the values and and worldview of lovely Family Silence the doors seem to be opened from their side, just step in.


Lithuanian singer/songwriter Jurga recently released her video for the new song “So Blue” from the upcoming album which should be out in October or November. Well, that’s the piece of information I gathered thanks to the mighty Google Translator so let’s hope I’m not misleading dear readers about the lady who was the first Lithuanian to win the MTV European Music Award for Best Baltic Act. First Google, then Wikipedia, this so-called Internet is wonderful. 

Enough of the bollocks, let’s talk about Jurga, she’s cool and I may just kick myself for not discovering her earlier. “So Blue” resembles swedish electropop sensation iamamiwhoami. They’re both eerie and mystical, but i’d say that Jurga is a bit more mellow. “So Blue”, which has a must-see artistic video, has this odd sensuality, I can totally see a lovely couple enjoying a delicious pasta after work while listening to Jurga’s latest tune. Her soft and calm beat should turn them on. If you have to choose, miss tomorrow’s bus to the work, but don’t miss this song.


This Estonian artist named Rotrum came suddenly out of nowhere and hit me in the face with this awesome album called "9 Scenes" filled with these experimental electronic beats and sounds, that every now and then make me feel like they were secretly recorded already at the second half of the 90s and brought out to the daylight only in 2012 just to make you realize how timeless some things can be in this hectic and rapidly changing music scene of our days. (Oohh, I managed to put it all into one sentence!) I cannot tell you much more about the artist itself, because there is not much information about him/her out there, but in the end it’s the music that counts, right, so check it out:

By the way, this digital album, that you can download for free (or name your price), is the first release of Estonian record label BiiT, which has so far been known as the coolest and greatest music importer (and exporter) in Estonia. It started years ago as an online record shop, then grew into a blog and opened its doors as a real record store, where you can go crate digging for all sorts of vinyls (which is still quite rare in Estonia), but also to find out everything about fresh Estonian music (on other formats as well). So stop by if you ever travel to Tallinn.


Taavi Tulev is an Estonian freethinker who express and shares his thoughts and contributes to the community through electronic music. Under several artist names (Wochtzchée, Hape, 3He and Laulan Sinule) he has adamantly offered mindhealing music to his listeners by composing pieces from deep,dark and harsh techno til softer, tuneful and even frisky electro.
When majority of his creation is purely instrumental and a mixture of experimenting with countless musical tools then ingenious Laulan Sinule is a project where lyrics are holding an equally important role. LS is an ironical mocking popgroup who plays a trick on their followers letting them sing along without realizing that while doing it they point their fingers at themselves.
The spine of  Tulevs works is always the melody perfected by additional sounds – be those
 classical music influences, sounds from nature or  industrial stony rough echoes.
His latest videosingle Vilsandi differs from his earlier more raw and less reduced tunes by lucid mood more characteristic to Game Boyish chiptune. 


DVPH are two good old friends from Estonia who have been best known for their individual work before: DV stands for Dragan Volta who has been making the illest beats & sounds and PH stands for Põhjamaade Hirm, who has been spitting the illest rhymes in the Estonian hip-hop scene basically since they were born. They have been working and recording and doing some live performances together as DVPH already since 2008, but 2012 has truly been the best year for their fans as several great songs have been made public at DVPH Soundcloud page, they have just released their first video and their debut album is expected in this fall. 

Guess you really need to know Estonian to fully understand those great thought-provoking ideas surrounding DVPH’s lyrics, but surely you can understand the music. And their first video for a single called “Lähedal” (“Close” or “Near” in English) (featuring J.O.C.) is visually just simply beautiful.