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We cover Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian music that sounds right to us

Kali Briis is an Estonian based music-magician who is remarkable by his ability to pick out the most outstanding characteristics of different genres and unite and personalize them to catchy,involved,distinctive sparkling songs varying from rhythmic R´n´B til mixture of synth-pop and hip-hop.
Enviable to fellow-musicians and remarkable for audience is his constant productivity so it is possible to catch at least one hit song from all of his releases between 210-2011, just to name a few there are “Peugeot" from "Ilge Ulme”, “Beibe Beibe" from "Das Bing" and "Lost" from "Homewrecker”.
It has been promised that some more magic will happen this fall when the next  long playing album “The Moon Ghost" will be released. 
"I love you face" is the first videosingle from that album and differences from the earlier songs mainly for the twisted vocal sounds. One can easily recognize the bow to Daft Punk but at the same time feel the strong spine of the creator in repeating samples and memorable melodies. 



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